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For every friend who redeems, the referrer often gets a free or discounted box, too.

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Providing a first-timers offer could be just the nudge a first-time visitor needs to be converted to a paying customer. An offer based on the total value of a shopping cart is an effective upselling tactic to encourage customers to spend more, increasing your average order size. You can also offer minimum purchase discounts for specific collections and products.

Exclusive offers on your social networks can be a great way to build customer loyalty with those who follow you.

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Plus, this tactic provides a reason for new people to follow and subscribe to your social channels, which will allow you to market to them in the future as well. Example: Online natural skincare retailer Maple Holistics , has shared social media-specific offers. Love Is In The Hair! Maple Holisitcs is celebrating Valentine's day with our true love: You!

We love our incredible customers. Spoil yourself, you deserve it! Rewarding customer loyalty can build an even stronger bond while also only providing discounts to customers who already spend money with you. You can easily make discount codes exclusive to specific groups of customers with Shopify. It can be as simple as sending your best customers a personal email with a discount or credit, using an automated email marketing app like Klaviyo to send email offers when someone makes a certain number of purchases from your store, or implementing a customer loyalty program like LoyaltyLion.

Example: One of the major customer loyalty tools behind the success of outdoor shop REI is its co-op membership program.

Sometimes all it takes to convert a visitor to a customer is a last-second offer before they leave. An exit intent offer will pop up just as your visitor is about to leave your site or close the tab, presenting them with a final offer to purchase. Example: Auto Accessories Garage displays an offer for their exit intent pop-up. They offer a percentage-based discount if you enter your email address into the form.

If users abandon the shopping cart after that, the brand sends an abandoned cart email with an even bigger discount to further persuade shoppers to convert. That means that they already know who you are. The ads serve as a reminder to come back, and the offer serves as a nudge to purchase. They effectively use offers several times throughout the buying cycle to convert visitors into customers. Partnering with influential people that have large audiences is a great way to increase exposure to your brand. Example: BarkBox is a monthly subscription service for dogs and their humans.

They frequently collaborate with furry influencers to build brand awareness and drive sales. To encourage people to convert after seeing the posts on social media, BarkBox provides influencers with a unique offer code to share with their specific audience. This unique code also allows BarkBox to monitor and track redemption so they know which influencers were most effective for future campaigns. Rewarding customers for joining your customer loyalty program is an ideal time to share a bonus incentive.

This not only rewards customers for engaging with your brand, but it also gives them more motivation to sign up for the program in the first place. Customers can redeem the reward online or in-store.

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If you want to drive online sales, consider incentivizing online purchases. Whether you want to use your ecommerce site to supplement your brick-and-mortar sales or create a customer base outside of Amazon, you can drive online conversions by offering something in return. Their goal is to get customers to convert online and come to the store to pick up their purchases. This allows the brand to create an in-person experience for the online shopper, as well as a way to cross-promote other products while the customers are in-store.

Just as you can drive online sales with offers, you can also drive in-person sales.

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This can be at your brick-and-mortar location, if you have one, or at in-person events, such as festivals, fairs, expos, trade shows, etc. They often accept these coupons even after the expiration date. If you host events, in-person or virtually, you can reward attendees with discounts or free gifts. These discounts can be given during the event or after the event. This helps to continue to nurture the relationship with engaged customers and drive more customer loyalty. If they want to drive online sales, prAna could just as easily provide yoga students with a promo code to redeem the offer during their next online purchase.

If you have a customer loyalty program, customer-brand milestones are especially important. These milestones could be personal to the customer, such as a birthday or anniversary. Example: Again, Big Lots rewards customers on their birthdays with extra discounts and free gifts. They let customers know before they join the customer loyalty program about these perks, which gives users an extra nudge towards joining.

If you start with a clear goal in mind, firm understanding of the brand, and willingness to experiment, you can most effectively use offers to meet your objectives, build customer loyalty, and increase revenues. Tell us in the comments which offers have worked best for your online store when it comes to driving sales and customer loyalty. Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox. In the meantime, start building your store with a free day trial of Shopify. Email address. Your store name.

Create your store. Free Reading List: Conversion Optimization for Beginners Turn more website visitors into customers by getting a crash course in conversion optimization. Get the free reading list. Get our Conversion Optimization reading list delivered right to your inbox. Almost there: please enter your email below to gain instant access. Email address Get updates. Thanks for subscribing. This should help clarify that ordering the product is possible with our without a coupon, which might be less clear if we displayed a coupon code field at all times. The easiest way to do this is add a Multiple Choice field with a single choice.


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For the Field Title, give it the confirmation message you want to show if the coupon code is valid. To make the choices and radio input not show to the user just add cloak to the CSS Keyword options under the Field Setting tab for this Multiple Choice field. After you save your form, go to the Payment Settings area for the form and assign the discount amount to the Multiple Choice field using a negative price amount.

It should look something like this:. Please note that you have to use fixed values for these negative values. You cannot use percentages. The final step is set up a variety of conditional logic that makes our form respond property to our users input as well as calculate the price accordingly. Just set up each Field Rule by wording out the sentence in the Rule Builder. Thanks a lot for following along! We hope you enjoyed learning how to use the Rule Builder and the new Negative Price feature to create a basic coupon system.

You can actually get pretty fancy with this setup with a little imagination and play, so we hope you check it out and share with us any cool things you do to enhance your Wufoo payment experiences. Until next time, happy form building!